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A Better Sales Playbook Platform

Teams of all sizes use Battlecard to organize their sales playbook, conquering the chaos of their daily revenue operations.

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Battlecard is Opinionated so Documentation Gets Done

Battlecard’s platform encourages good documentation of objections, competitors, and more. Say goodbye to cluttered Google Docs.

Document every nook and cranny of your playbook.

Battlecard helps you organize your Objections, Competitors, Discovery, FAQ, Case Studies, and even how to pitch to different customer Profiles. You can also create various types of Guides to help with onboarding + training.

Use the Desktop app to quickly search your playbook anytime, even on live video calls.

For both Windows and Mac, the Desktop app helps you surface anything from your playbook with ease. Using a keyboard shortcut, toggle it open at any time.

Simulate realistic roleplay conversations with A.I.

Battlecard uses A.I. to simulate scenarios in your playbook to help your team scale adoption and mastery of the playbook with ease. Want to see it in full action? Book a demo.

Michael Manne
CRO of Ocrolus

"I've been in sales for over 10 years and have looked at endless training tools. Battlecard is a game-changer. Not only do the sales reps enjoy using it, but we can see measurable improvement in their performances."

We move your data for you.
100% for free.

Send us your current sales documentation, however unorganized, and we will provision your account so you hit the ground running from the first day that you start using Battlecard.

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